AOL Desktop Gold Icon Not Found


The AOL Desktop Gold icon enables a user to access the application when one clicks upon it. One can undertake the task by installing the software in your system, once your software is established in the system; an icon related to AOL Desktop Gold will be generated. To open the software and access its utilities, you just have to click on the icon. However there are cases when the icon associated with the application goes missing and you are left in a quandary. 

Here are the issues that can lead to AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing-

·         Icon deletion. Sometimes you can mistakenly delete the icon in your desktop. You can go to the system files related to the software in the core drive and then generate the icon again.

·         Malware obstructing the launch of the program. There are instances when vicious software can take over the files related to your program and impede all the functions of the software. In this case your icon can be completely removed by the virus.

·         Icon missing just after installation. If you have installed the software using a corrupt file then the damaged pack can lead to an icon going missing. The icon can also be unavailable if you have downloaded the installation from an illicit resource.

·         Antivirus interfering with the launch and inserting the program’s icon into the list of blocked programs. In this case you need to remove the program from the list of block software in your Antivirus interface.

·         System related error. If your system has been caught in some error then your software’s icon can go missing. In this case, your icon can go missing if your files related to the program are a part of a system error. This issue can be tough to resolve.

·         If there are broken shortcuts of the icon then it can also go missing. You must first delete all the flawed shortcuts and then try reestablishing the icon again in your system.

·         Icon deleted because the files related to the program are deleted. If the files related to the software are missing then your icon can also go missing. In this case, you must check if your AOL files are still intact.

·         If worst comes to worst then you can ensure that the icon doesn’t disappear by inserting it in the Dock related to your Windows.

These are some of the problems related to the AOL Desktop Gold Icon Not Found. Many of these problems can lead you in the uncharted territories and you wonder how you can get out of a pinch. First, there can be problems while identifying the problem. If you find yourself in such situation.