Quick Hacks to Resolve AOL Not Working Issue | Windows 10 Mail & iPhone


This is not about a rare instance that we casually bump into. Every now and then users find AOL mail not working properly, freezing up, getting slower and what not. There are indeed multiple factors that influence such happenings in AOL mail.

Undoubtedly AOL proves to be the one of the best and oldest email clients presently. The all-in-one experience with emailing, browsing, instant messaging, dial-up connectivity, search and content management makes it stand out. No matter how perfect a mail client is, there are indeed some lags which can’t be overlooked.

So let us take a look at why we get errors like AOL mail stopped working, not responding and so on and what are the best troubleshoot practices to deal with such errors.

Why Do We Get AOL Mail Not Working Types of Errors?

Unknowingly, the several things could cause AOL to stop working and responding. Let’s get in more depth with all the causes.

  • Cookies in Your Browser: The cookies and caches in your browse history are most often responsible to make softwares hang or freeze.
  • Corruption in Softwares: The softwares in your system are sometimes infected with some kind of corruption. The AOL desktop version might be corrupted or improperly installed which could cause the issues like AOL mail not currently available.
  • Firewall Guidelines: Firewall and other anti-virus softwares have a set of rules to be followed which are essential for safety concerns but some of these rules could cause issues while accessing AOL.
  • Viruses in System: Various viruses, malwares, trojan horses and ransomeware are there to ruin one’s data as well as softwares.
  • Poor Internet Connectivity: Most trivial factor of AOL mail not working phenomena is a too slow internet connectivity. This could be fixed right away when the data connection seems slow.
  • Compatibility Checks: Users overlook the importance of upgrading the software versions with respect to the browsers versions, which ends up causing AOL not responding errors,
  • Add-ins: The bunch of unnecessary add-ins and plug-ins in the browser are sometimes the real culprit and cause several issues in AOL mail.
  • Insufficient RAM Memory: Now this factor is going to be a headache when you are trying to load the desktop version of AOL mail. The exceeded memory space in RAM could be a hindrance in the way of loading AOL mail account.
  • Configuration of AOL (Desktop): The incorrect or incomplete configuration settings of AOL desktop will surely leave you wondering why is my AOL gold not working.

Bottom Line

This was all about the troubleshoot of “Why is my AOL email not working” problems. I believe the issue must get resolved with all the above tips and hacks. Also, no need to panic if the error is haunting you even after these all approaches (although it is rare), in such case you can always contact the AOL support team at +1-877-915-2298  and get quick assistance from the experts.