AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104


AOL Desktop is an outstanding service software. But while using AOL Desktop software users notice some errors. Errors with this software are usually inescapable, so it is very important to know the best suitable solution of the errors. Errors in AOL Desktop software occurs in the computer due to multiple reasons. But the solution of these errors is easy if you know the suitable steps. Fix AOL Desktop Error 104 is also a problem which occurs while the installation and the update of AOL Desktop Gold software. This error occurs and display on the screen continuously and prevents the user to install AOL Desktop and make the situation very irritating. To get out of that frustrating situation, read this blog and know the reasons as well as the solution to this problem. You have one more option rather than this blog to fix this problem, reach out to the customer support number and with techies help solve this error instantly.

Reasons for AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

There can be multiple numbers of problems due to which this error code arise. Some of the causes behind this error are listed below:

  • Download of corrupt AOL Desktop Files in the computer.
  • When you have the corrupt windows registry system installed on the computer.
  • When you’re PC has the presence of viruses and malware.
  • One of the main reason behind this problem is the incomplete download file of AOL Desktop software.
These are the reasons behind the AOL Desktop Error Code 104, you should be aware of these causes before you try to resolve this error code.

A solution of AOL Desktop Error Code 104

Troubleshooting steps to fix this error are simple and easy. Just carefully perform these techniques and solve the problem:

Restart your computer and use an Antivirus to fully scan the PC to remove the presence of any virus or malware on the computer. Make sure to use an updated Antivirus software.
Installation error occurs due to the incomplete or improper downloaded files, so make sure that you have downloaded the AOL Desktop Files completely. After that proceed with the installation process.
If the problem occurs while the update of AOL Desktop, then you should perform the reinstall process for AOL Desktop software. For that uninstall AOL Desktop from Programs list in control panel. Then AOL Desktop Gold install from the AOL Account.

This Is how you aol desktop gold error 104 will be solved and you can use your aol desktop gold very easily and tension free.