AOL Desktop Gold manages all the operations related to your AOL Account and simplifies functions, hence it becomes a huge problem when your screen flashes the AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding error. There are times when this application can face difficulties and performs at an a very poor rate. Here are the reasons why your software can showcase signs of crashing and freezing and sometimes even cause the problem of AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing-

·         Program Blocked. There can be a firewall, a security program or an antivirus system that can prevent your software from operating. If your security software has inserted the AOL Desktop Gold into the list of blocked programs then you can have trouble even launching the program. Add the program to the list of Exceptions and see if it functions properly.
·         Damaged or corrupt files. If your files have been corrupted because of one reason or the other then you can have a lot of trouble while operating the software. In this case, some of your files can also be erased because of the security protection or any other error that has affected your system. In this case, you must first scan the total files related to your application and check whether some components are missing or not. This problem can occur even when you have learned how to install AOL Desktop Gold.
·         RAM issues. If your RAM has been entrusted with too much work then your application can also face certain issues upon operation. The RAM problem can also occur if your using an excessive amount of software and files simultaneously or you use the RAM for advanced rendition purposes. The performance of the RAM determines how certain utilities function in your system.
·         Software files attacked by a virus or malware. There can be times when your software can be infested with a virus and in such a case, the virus can even enter your system by avoiding detection and using advanced algorithm. To get hold of the situation, you may have to uninstall the software and then establish it once again in the system.
·         Update Failure. An incomplete update can also cause your software to fluctuate. You must use the latest version of the software to get the best performance out of the AOL Desktop Gold.
These are some of the issues that can lead your AOL Desktop Gold to become unresponsive. These issues can be caused even when you have learned how to download AOL Desktop Gold. However, there can be other problems that can affect the way you use your software. Some of these problems can get out of hand. You can find solutions for these problems if you just call on our number. We are known to provide speedy solutions and can also help you if you want to howto reset AOL Gold Password. Feel free to call us anytime on (855)635-3036 Tollfree* and get in touch with our experience and season team of IT experts, who are willing to be patient.