Fix AOL Gold Login Problems


Do you often come across the messages which include the terms such as ‘Blerk,’ ‘GAH’ or ‘ZOIDS’ when you are trying to login to AOL Desktop Gold? Does your screen appear to be completely blank and non-responsive when you hit enter, after entering your username and password? Does your AOL sign-in screen go missing? If yes, then these are all the indications towards AOL Desktop Gold not responding. You can first look at some of the necessary troubleshooting procedures discussed below. These can be performed even by a person who is not a technical geek but possess a basic knowledge of computers.

To make it convenient for you, here is a synchronized list of different AOL sign-in issues

  • Blerk Error 1- Corresponding to Authentication Problem
  • Error 3- Due to Mailbox Creation Issue
  • Blerk Error 4- Issues loading Mail
  • GAH Error 7- When the mailbox fails to load
  • ZOIDS! Mistake 9- Unsupportive Account Type

Begin with basic troubleshooting

  • Clear the browser’s and system’s cookies, cache, history, and footprints.
  • Enable the Java Applets to fix the ‘GAH’ glitch, whereas to resolve the ‘Blerk’ errors, change the browser and the firewall settings.
  • To fix the issue of AOL sign-in screen missing, reset the web settings.
  • Allow friendly URLS, adjust web settings, and enable the Java Scripting for resolving the blank screen issue.

Once you are through with the elementary steps, move forward to the advanced options for resolving the issue

Step 1- Start with modifying the browser security settings:

  • If you use Internet Explorer as your default browser, then implement the following changes
  • Ensure always to use the advanced Internet Explorer version.
  • Open the browser>click on Tools>Select Internet Options>Open Security Tab
  • Choose Internet Zone>Click on Enable Protection Mode>Add AOL to the trusted sites

For those who browse with Mozilla Firefox

  • Run AOL software in the safe mode
  • Open Mozilla Firefox>click on Menu>Help>Restart with Add-ons Disabled

Step 2- Altering the Firewall settings:

Sometimes the firewall software can also filter out or block certain software. To modify the settings, follow the instructions shared below.
  • Click on Windows start>navigate to Control Panel.
  • Search for Windows Firewall and then click on ‘Allowed Programs.’
  • Check whether HTTP://* is allowed.
  • The box in front of ‘web filtering’ should be unchecked.
  • Once you have saved the changes, restart the system.

Step 3- Change the Browser’s Privacy settings:

  • Click on the default browser through which you generally access AOL Mail.
  • Click On Tools and then open the Internet options in a new window.
  • Scroll the bar to select for the desired settings in the Privacy Tab.
  • Set the settings as default.
  • Click on Okay to continue.
These are a few ways by which you can resolve the AOL desktop gold not responding. If you come across any specific one and need its desired troubleshooting, then you must contact AOL Support Number and have a word with the experts.